Uncategorized Apr 19, 2021

Author: Dr. Matthew Hurtienne 

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

 – Norman Vincent Peale


Welcome to a new year with new possibilities. As 2021 is rolling, where do you hope this year will take you? Yes, you. Typically, I would be talking about how to develop your team, but for today, let’s talk about you. Why do you say? Because a focused and healthy “you” is critical to your team. It’s no secret, 2020 was a transformational year that was filled with many challenges and stressors. It is now time for us to recognize the importance of refreshing and refocusing.


Last year was a year that has changed us in ways that we may not know for years to come. We can now start to determine what is important to us and develop a plan to achieve our desired goals. These goals could be education, career, or family-focused, but probably a combination of all three. When working with staff to realign personal and professional goals, I like to begin with three questions. Hopefully, you will also find value in these questions. First, what does your ideal future look like? Second, what is your current reality? Third, what is causing the gap between reaching your ideal future and your current reality? 


What does your ideal future look like?


Such a simple question, but it can be very difficult to answer. We know how 2020 impacted us, but now let us look forward to what your ideal future looks like. In your ideal future, what does your personal life look like? What does your professional career look like? How is your work-life balance? Before you can refocus, you must develop a vision of where you would like to be. 


What is your current reality?


It is ok that your current reality may not match your ideal future. Before reaching for your future, take the time to determine where you are in your life. How do you feel about your current career? Are you spending the time you would like with family and friends? Do you feel comfortable with your current level of education, and how are you spending your time away from work? Take that deep breath again, and be critical with yourself.


What is causing the current gap?


It should be easy for you to visualize what is causing you not to reach your ideal future. Discovering your gap will provide the visual needed to develop a personal and professional improvement plan. Also, consider who your advocates will be in holding yourself accountable to your developmental plan. 




As 2020 is in the review mirror, we have the opportunity to be our own advocates. In HR, we build others but sometimes forget to build ourselves. As 2021 starts with a bunch of promises and expectations, it’s a great time to ask yourself, what is your ideal future, and how will you build yourself up?


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